Brand Rebel Media is disrupting the traditional Digital Marketing Agency model and our clients could not be happier. Headquartered in Miami, FL with multiple international locations across the globe, we are made up of the top digital marketing professionals with 40+ years of experience. As a premier digital marketing company we continue to stay on top of the ever changing, always evolving technology to continually exceed our client’s expectations.

Brand Rebel Motto: “You have to be odd to be number one” – Dr. Seuss

Creative Designs
Get involved and be authentic! From idea concept to full project launch – We keep our clients fully in tune with our creative process. 
Profitability starts with a positive customer experience – We focus our efforts on user-friendly design & authentic brand message.
If you’re looking to scale your existing business or launch something brand new – we’re here to help you make it happen.
Our Services
Every business is different and every brand message is unique. We don’t offer “marketing packages” or “monthly specials” – Simply because we do not believe that cookie-cutter marketing is the right move forward. Instead, we offer personalized expertise in the following areas:
Search Engine Marketing
Every business wants love from search engines. Our team of experienced PPC, SEO and SEM rebels can help get the results your business needs to grow online.
Social Media Marketing
Social media can do a lot more than keeping in touch with grandma. Properly implemented organic and paid strategies can scale your business tremendously.
Brand Identity
We listen to your vision, your ideas and your overall goals for your brand. Then we unleash our talented rebel designers to make your concepts come to life. Branding is in our blood (and name...)
Web Development
Whether your business needs a new website, app or custom feature, our team of rebel developers can make it happen (they're are pretty awesome).
Email Marketing
Average ROI on a properly managed email marketing channel is 4,300%. Are you missing out on that chunk of revenue? Let's show your customers some inbox love, shall we?
Business Management
Behind every successful entrepreneur is a successful business management strategy. Let us help optimize your operational procedures.
Marketplace Seller Strategy
If you're looking to create an additional revenue channel outside of mainstream marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, eBay), then you've come to the right place!
Affectionately called organic SEO, Search Engine Optimization is hailed as the gift that keeps on giving – for as long as you keep it replenished. And that’s precisely what our SEO services do for you.
brand rebel process
Your main focus should be on your business profits. We can tell you about our proprietary analytical tools and our structured work processes but let’s keep it real – you’ve heard all this jazz before. Here is what you can expect from Brand Rebel
client interraction

Our process involves an in-depth overview of your business’s competitive strengths which will allow our rebels to hone down on the authentic message and unique selling points which will make you stand our from the competition.

project creation

Once we determine the best (and most authentic) way to get your brand’s message across, our rebel marketers will create marketing and branding campaigns focused around your main unique selling points which will accelerate your profitability and customer loyalty.

continuing support

Once the structure has been set up and tested, we will continue to optimize all our marketing efforts to ensure that your investment in Brand Rebel pays off in form of higher profits, increased customer growth and retention. 

We love our customers like we love food, like Romeo loved Juliet, like a fat kid loves cake….well, you get the point. Our customers are awesome
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